CSA Exchange Program

Opportunity for working & learning partnerships

CSA Exchange Program APPLICATION

Program Details

The new CSA Exchange Program is an opportunity for community members (both individuals and families) to support Sweet Soil Organic Farm by contributing to the day-to-day workings of the farm in exchange for experiential skill building in food production and fresh vegetables!

If you or your family would like to take part, exchanging your contribution of labour for a weekly or biweekly vegetable share, please consider how the time commitment might fit into your schedule:

Sweet Soil Organic Farm is located 20 minutes outside of Sackville (toward Cap-Pele) and our working hours are 8:30am-4:30pm 7 days/week.   We can work together to schedule your time on the farm, creating a consistent weekly or biweekly schedule (ie: you come out to the farm on the same day each week or every two weeks).  Weekdays and weekends are both options.

Families are welcome, though preferably not with small children unless another family member is available for dedicated child-care.  Youth who are interested in learning about food production are welcome to come with a parent (or parents)!


What to Expect

Every day on the farm in a little bit different but there is flow that moves with the progression of the season and informs the focus of our work

May-June:  Field work like composting, setting up low tunnels, making beds and laying irrigation.  Seeding in the field and care for transplants as well as planting in both field and greenhouses.

June-August: Harvesting and washing vegetables for sale, weeding, covering plants to protect them from insects, mulching, watering, adding organic fertilizers and continued transplanting work.  Pruning, training and harvesting in greenhouses.

September-October: Lots of harvesting, cover cropping to protect beds over the Winter, weeding and final seedings for fast growing late Fall crops.  Farm clean-up in preparation for Winter (late October-early November)

Exchange Program Agreements

As a participant, you agree to:

Fullfill a weekly or biweekly commitment for the duration of the farming season (25 weeks May to October)

Arrive on time, motivated to learn how to work efficiently and effectively in a variety of farm tasks.  Be willing to communicate honestly and ask questions in order to maintain quality of work on the farm. (ie: asking for help and being willing to learn from mistakes)

Participate in creating a predictable schedule that works for both the participant(s) and farmer and agree to giving at least two weeks notice if there is a need to change the schedule.  (Ideally participants will commit to a consistent weekly or biweekly schedule for the duration of the season)

Sweet Soil Organic Farm agrees to:

Communicate clearly all expectations to allow participants to feel that tasks are outlined clearly.  Teach & help guide participants in their learning of a variety of farm tasks and assign skill-appropriate tasks

Be available to answer questions, address any issues that arise and to give feedback about work quality, providing additional instruction and guidance when needed

"Pay" the participant for their work contribution in vegetables, either weekly ($25 value) or biweekly ($40 value).