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Sweet Soil Winter CSA ~ Week 7 & 8

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Settling into the chilly, snowy days of Winter and into a New Year that finds us living in a very restricted social environment due to new pandemic regulations in our area; We are finding freedom on the land, a sense of space in our dreaming about next season and a sense of hope in our planning and reflecting. Every day we take our new pup Obi on several walks around the farm, getting him used to the boundaries and helping him to meet all of the sights and smells that live here with us. Instead of erecting a huge fence to keep the veggie-eating critters at bay, we opted to bring a new family member onto the farm to hopefully warn off deer and raccoons, while still allowing our fields to be an open corridor through which they've been passing for longer then we've been here.

Our pond has been perfect for skating these last few days and so we have enjoyed family skates, looking out over our back fields, witnessing the changes that Winter has brought to the land. We're wondering about how the water table will replenish after such a dry Spring & Summer and now a Winter with much less snow accumulation than we've seen here in the past. In our planning for next season it's a continual balance between two worldviews meeting in action; One to reap harvests from the generous land in order to make our living and feed our community and the other framed by a desire to feed the land, help it to flourish with as little intervention or expectation as possible. Sometimes these two ways of thinking seem at odds, but more and more we find ways to see them already working together: The more we care for and respect the land, the more abundance it offers to us.

This week in your shares:

Red Cabbage

Purple Kale Mix or Napa Cabbage

Purple Carrots


Yellow Onions

Parnips or Rutabega

Spaghetti Squash, Delicata or Butternut Squash

From our friends at Ferme L'Hirondelle: nutrient-dense Kale powder for smoothies & Basil Vinagrette

I'm always thankful for Napa Cabbages; They are so resilient in the field, grow so quickly and store for over three months in the cooler!

From here: tiny transplants ready to grow

To here: bountiful, beautiful fruit; An amazing alchemy of sun, water & soil nutrient !

Teaching Obi the ropes & taking a family walk around the perimeter of our fields

Obi waiting patiently for us to hurry up!

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