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Easing into Fall - Our Winter CSA opens for applicants

September is fast approaching and even through this latest heat & humidity wave, the cooling winds of Fall can be felt here on the farm. Harvest has begun and plans for Winter storage are underway! It feels amazingly relieving to be entering the home stretch of the season: This season brought many ups and downs, many celebrations and many worries, many successful projects and some failures - every year is learning, learning, learning!

Spiderweb trellis by Jet for our July planting of climbing cucumbers

Mulching leeks with straw to retain moisture in the soil and make a "longer" leek

It seems as though, as fluctuations in our climate become more intense and extreme, our experience of working on the land mirrors those changes. From pest populations to changes in weather, it's becoming more and more necessary to simply go with the flow in a climate where nothing is predictable. This Fall my goal is to slow down enough to make sure that I can absorb and appreciate the subtle details of the changing of the seasons. With such extreme changes in weather and the narrowing of those edge seasons, those nuances can easily be overlooked.

Our business is thriving as the demand for locally grown, high quality food is on the rise, though we must be prudent. It's more important than ever to really take a step a back to make sure that we are caring for the land, for ourselves and for our community in a way that promotes balance. The nature of business is inherently poised toward exponential growth and neither we, nor the land, can sustain such high expectations. This season we put up a huge wildlife fence, increased our production and are putting a new roof on our out-buildings and house. I was ready to launch into a land expansion for next year and then .... wondered what it would feel like to take a step back, to take a step down, out of the constant growth for a minute? Finding that place of sustainability in such a demanding field often comes down to a question of scale. It's enticing to continue to scale up but we're going to try to work smarter rather than harder. Jet and I have been managing and working the fields (with the help of our family to care for Kale and to support us!) just the two of us for the past four seasons and that has been incredibly challenging both in terms of actual physical labour and the expectations that we have place upon one another to keep everything going! Instead of expanding into more space for next season, we'll be hiring some help and finding opportunities for more pause rather than more work!

We're looking forward to slowing down a bit and excited to announce that our Winter CSA program registration is now open!

We're really looking forward to coming back to the Sackville Market this Fall & Winter. The sense of community felt in Sackville, even through pandemic restrictions, has been really strong. It will be wonderful to again be part of the Market community and we're happy to be offering our Winter CSA pick-up at the market in Sackville as well as a stall full of extra veggies! For our Moncton & Dieppe customers, we'll again be offering pick-up at the Corn Crib Natural Foods in Moncton.

Follow the link above on the dashboard to our Winter CSA page to register!

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