• Sarah Elizabeth Smith

Another Winter's Worth of Veggies

Thank you to all our CSA shareholders for sharing another Winter season with us. This is the point in our cycle of seasons where once overflowing coolers and store rooms are starting to empty ...just in time to set up our seed starting equipment! We were really pleased this year with how everything kept in storage. This is something that is a continual learning process for us as we try to find the best methods for keeping produce for many months after harvest. For the past five years we've been using our two 8 x 10 hand-built storage coolers that run off of cool-bot systems - converting air conditioning units into refrigeration units - and simple electric heaters that kick in during the coldest weather to keep the spaces just above freezing. These coolers have worked wonderfully, but we are ready to expand. We're slowly working toward the planning of a new barn for storage and washing and we're looking forward to buying two new walk-in coolers!

Next Spring will be the first step toward this new building project with the tear-down of our (150 year old) barn and salvaging as much lumber as we can for the new build. The barn is not able to be saved as most of the wood is rotten and the foundation is sinking, causing the building to lean dangerously to one side. We are looking forward to embarking on this multi-step project; It will improve our harvest/washing/storage/packaging processes and hopefully allow us to run our coolers on solar power!

This week in your shares:

Green Cabbage



Russet or Yellow Potatoes


Red Onions

2 of Carnival, Delicata or Spaghetti Squash

From our friends at L'Hirondelle Farm ~ Blueberry Chutney & Zucchini Relish

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