• Sarah Elizabeth Smith

Harvest Time!

What a beautiful & forgiving Fall this was .... in terms of harvest and our ability to get everything into the coolers before the really cold weather. We also scrambled to finish several new building projects and had a lot on our plates before the Winter CSA began on Nov 9th.

Caterpillar tunnels going up mid-October. We were able to protect our crops of Fennel, Kale, Radicchio and green onions with two new tunnels. Though .... we had a few bad wind storms at the end of October and had to rebuild the tunnels three times! The structures are not really meant to withstand high winds or snow and the wind even bent the re-bar anchors that we had sunk three feet into the ground. Oh well, live & learn and thankfully we have tons of nice Kale for market and the CSA!

Green Mystery Keeper tomatoes. Most ripened well and we were able to give them in our first CSA bags! Tomatoes in November!

The onion harvest!

Running out of room in the cooler!

Squash safely tucked away on custom shelves.

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