• Sarah Elizabeth Smith

Summer 2019

Looking back on this Spring and Summer it seems like time went by so quickly. We learned so much in such a short period and have adapted to a new way of life with a newborn baby and a new way of working as we get ready for the Winter CSA and labour at the harvest.

This summer many new ventures were growing on the farm. Jet built a beautiful new trellis for our Mystery Keeper Winter tomatoes & a luxurious movable home for our seven laying hens. The hens made their way around two areas of cover crop, eating peas and oats and fertilizing the land! The crops that we planted (late Kale, Fennel,

Jet is also working away at building a storage area, with 7 foot shelving for our (over 1700 lbs) of squash and an indoor chicken coop for the hens in our old summer kitchen building. He is a tireless builder and a creative innovator, making everything on the farm flow and always, every day, taking time to sing to the chickens!

This summer we designed and purchased the materials to build two new caterpillar tunnels to protect our Winter crops. We always try to include cold hardy crops like Kale, green onions, Fennel, radicchio and Swiss Chard in our CSA, but without protection, it's usually our harsh November winds and early hard frosts that end up destroying these crops! Its frustrating to have a field full of gorgeous leafy vegetables in October but have winds and frost ruin the crops by the time the CSA starts in November. So! This season, we'll be covering over 100 feet of crops with low tunnels that are 8 feet tall, making harvesting easier in the middle of Winter and increasing the variety of crops we have in the CSA.

We also grew a very special new addition to the farm this summer. Farming while 40 weeks pregnant had its challenges, but overall this season was by far the most successful yet, in terms of healthy soil, great looking vegetables, new infrastructure and taking the time to manage the farm with more care and attention. That said, I took about 5 weeks away from the gardens after our son, Kale was born on August 4rth. Ironically (or not) all of our four varieties of Winter Kale grew amazingly this year ... and the baby is growing like a weed as well. Having a newborn certainly changed our pace here on the farm, but both Jet and I have been making it work, carrying Kale around the field, working in shifts and accepting lots of help from our parents. The grandparents are more than happy to babysit while we go out to harvest and we are exceptionally lucky to have them!

Our good friend Christine Lund stayed with us on the farm for July and August this year, helping out with lots of farm tasks, picking potato bugs, weeding and very importantly, keeping us company while the pregnancy hormones were at their peak! She also took some beautiful photos of the farm. It was nice to have an extra set of hands and a generous spirit around in the heat of the season as we got ready for Kale's birth. Thank you Christine!

The photos below are taken by Christine and some taken by my Dad, who loves to come out to photograph the many varieties of flowers we have on the farm, but also mow our lawn, harvest potatoes and wash carrots! We are very lucky indeed.

The Winter CSA registration for this season is now open so sign up on our Winter CSA page if you'd like to receive fresh organic produce from our farm this Winter!

Stay tuned for harvest photos!

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