• Sarah Elizabeth Smith

Season of Snow & Low Light

Mulched beds for potatoes next season and layers of black fabric (kind of like felt) for the next squash beds.

This did not work. I stretched the harvest into early December, but the rest of the leeks froze under their blanket of straw by January.

November was beautiful and warm. I washed vegetables outdoors until the end of the month.

Storm coming on the marsh in late December

lettuces, spinach, kale and Tat Soi in the greenhouse in early December

And, though flattened and partially frozen, still a good harvest of lettuce mix from the Salanova heads in early January

Some frost damage from the larger leaves that were touching the frozen row cover. The inner leaves are still fine for making salad mix!

Bags ready for delivery in the cooler - lots of bagged cabbage and carrots and onions in open trays doing well.

Week five share of parsnips, red cabbage, celeriac root, salad mix, kale, tomato preserves, carrots, dried cayenne and pumpkin.

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