Growing Kale

This is our new little person! Born on August 4rth in the early morning. He arrived as the heat waves and drought broke and it rained the first rain we had in over three weeks! What a relief! He took his sweet time and was born at 42 weeks .... he knew we had to get the Fall transplants in the ground and the greenhouse cleared out before he came along, so he let his mom get some farm work done before he arrived. He's teaching us to be patient and to take time to enjoy small things. He's already smiling and laughing and looking around and telling us stories at 7 weeks old. What a dude. And ... back into the field at five weeks old. We are very grateful for this little carrier that allows u

Summer 2019

Looking back on this Spring and Summer it seems like time went by so quickly. We learned so much in such a short period and have adapted to a new way of life with a newborn baby and a new way of working as we get ready for the Winter CSA and labour at the harvest. This summer many new ventures were growing on the farm. Jet built a beautiful new trellis for our Mystery Keeper Winter tomatoes & a luxurious movable home for our seven laying hens. The hens made their way around two areas of cover crop, eating peas and oats and fertilizing the land! The crops that we planted (late Kale, Fennel, Jet is also working away at building a storage area, with 7 foot shelving for our (over 1700 lbs) o