Harvest begins in a heat wave

Fall is ushered in with unseasonably warm temperatures this year. But, this simply extends the growing season and allows for time to complete projects without the threat of cold and frost. The greenhouse is up thanks to a great deal of help from family, friends and talented carpenter Sandy Forbes and slowly - as vines die back - tomatoes, squash, and the last of the cucumbers and beans show their ripeness. Life on the farm is full of processing, harvesting and preparing the coolers for the volume of produce about to be stored. Life is sweetened by the cooler evenings and the sunny days. Soon potato harvest will be underway, onions will be drying and squash will be curing. Registration f

Farm Life

Beans for pickling Borage forest Beauty from native landscaping. The ditches are full of such a diverse array of plants Garlic harvest Russian Mammoth flowering Buckwheat cover crop & carrots covered up, protected from carrot rust fly Purple Peacock Pole beans The writing spider. Also known as the corn spider