New Moon * New Year ~ CSA Week 4

Happy New Year! And happy New Moon. Just after Christmas, on Dec 28th, we had a new moon. Traditionally in the Ashtanga practice, we take this day to rest to honour the beginning of a new cycle and to recognize the force of the natural world in the intense gravitational pull that is exerted by the new and full moons. By observing these resting days, the yogi brings him or herself into alignment with the natural unification between the opposing forces of sun and moon; Taking the time to observe and to become aware of bringing opposite forces into balance. Doing this twice a month means that, slowly, it becomes more and more comfortable to stop, to notice and to reflect on the natural cycl

Farming in -35 C ~ CSA Week Three

This was a week of intense Winter weather with snow squall warnings, plummeting temperatures and white-outs across the Tantramar Marsh. Now that weather conditions are unpredictable and often uncomfortable, outdoor work dwindles to only the necessary – plowing the driveway, taking the compost and wood-stove ashes out, checking the cooler and walking the dog . In this line of work, I am constantly being reminded that nature is still in control; The conditions making it impossible to continue work on outdoor projects and pushing me to surrender and rest. Winter on the farm has been beautiful so far. It's very quiet; the atmosphere lending itself to spending days storm-stayed and watching the w

Winter CSA 2016 Week Two

This week was the annual ACORN conference at the Delta Hotel in Moncton. It's three packed days of workshops, a trade show, networking, reunions between friends, farmer to farmer panels, discussions and maybe some beer and really good local food sourced largely from farmers we all know and who are there at the conference. My mind is buzzing with the possibility of experiments for next season fuelled by the inspiring trials of other farmers and all the new ideas that are continually being explored in our domain. I came away from the conference with a sense of appreciation for this year's theme - seed saving for a sustainable future. Everyone seemed to have part of their minds and hearts tuned

Our first newsletter of 2016

Winter CSA Week One I finally finished the second cooler and it is now up and running! This project was not originally on my list of things to do this season; I thought, that I would build some kind of heated, dry storage space, but as the small cooler started to fill up, eventually packed to the ceiling, I realized that I needed a bigger space. Thankfully – and this has been the case for my last three years of business – I received a generous grant from the Department of Agriculture to build this second cooler - largely from re-used or re-purposed materials. It turned out to be a great feat in engineering, learning how to properly use a host of new and exciting power tools, getting to work