Sweet Beginnings!

As we break ground at the new farm, I can't help but imagine what will be in years to come.... I am already imagining next year's gardens, planning an orchard, the construction of the greenhouse space and so much more! I've also got a loyal new friend who will be joining in the farming adventure... And the preparations for this year's Winter CSA have already begun, with harvesting, canning and preserving. I just finished my garlic harvest and the first batch of pesto! This season's organic garlic scape pesto is flavored with cilantro, parsley and sorrel!

Highlights from Season 1: What to Expect

Here are a few highlights from the first year's CSA newsletters, showcasing the variety of vegetables and preserves that are available throughout the Winter CSA. Each newsletter is an attempt to broaden our understanding and appreciation of these foods as more than just items that are produced, purchased and consumed.... Brussel Sprouts ~or~ Chinese Cabbage (1 Lg or 2 small ) Brussel sprouts keep their health benefits in tact when they are steamed as opposed to being boiled or roasted; Though, I really like roasted brussel sprouts. We've been adding steamed brussel sprouts, as well as chopped chinese cabbage, to rice noodle dishes to make a filling meal with enough green stuff to create bal

Wrapping up The First Year: February Veggies

Welcome to your Winter CSA ~ Ending the First Year Week Seven Thank you so much for being part of the first year of the Winter CSA program! Your support and encouragement means a lot and makes it possible for me to do what I love and share what I grow! As we all work to become more responsible environmental stewards, we are faced with many options and opportunities in how we approach the greater issue of living sustainably. Eating locally produced food is one way to ensure the growing success of our immediate economy, the protection of our land – as long as the food is grown in accordance w

December Produce: Newsletter 4

Welcome to your Winter CSA ~ Some Medicine for the Holidays Week Four I have a bad cold, so am in no position to be giving health advice for the holiday season! But, often a sickness can come about when rest is needed. I always seem to get sick at this time of the year and it happens to be the only thing that helps to slow me down and recover from the extreme expenditure of energy during the main farming season. So, in my experience, this is the most difficult time of the year to gauge what the body and also the mind need to stay in a good balanced place and sometimes we are forced into situations

The First Newsletter, Fall 2015

Welcome to your Winter CSA ~ Produce, Storage & Healthy Food year-round Week One Though this is the beginning of the Winter shares, this time of year feels much more like an ending; the season slowing down, clean-up of the field, days becoming shorter and energy (human & plant) becoming more precious and scarce. After a long season of hot days and farm-work, typically this is the time when I begin to settle-in for the colder months, but this year a whole new challenge has presented itself in developing the Winter CSA and I have yet to know how it will feel to be washing, weighing, harvesting and bagging veggies thro