The new (but actually old) model of small-scale, bio-intensive, organic farming seemed (to me) like the only way that I could attempt to run a profitable farm that was also sustainable for the soil, land and natural environment around the farm.   Almost everything on this farm is accomplished by hand, using minimal machinery, a small walk behind tractor for minimal tilling and shaping of our beds, as well as a variety of hand tools for transplanting, weeding and harvesting.

Though there were many stops along the way, I owe a great deal to my mentors at Windy Hill Organic Farm, where I lived and worked for four years and where I would eventually start my small business on 1/2 acre of rented land in 2015.

In the Fall of 2016, I bought this homestead property that was mostly horse pasture, in Center Village, near Sackville, and has been slowly shaped into a working farm and bio-diverse landscape with lots of help from family and friends.  The farm now hosts three greenhouse, a new orchard, pollinator gardens with a diversity of perennials and berry bushes and 2 acres of market gardens.  Our popular Winter CSA program ran for 7 seasons, feeding over 50 families annually in the Sackville, Moncton and Riverview areas.  We are now expanding our Summer CSA program and working on a pilot Sponsorship CSA program with the John Howard Society of Moncton to make fresh local produce more available to individuals and families who are housing or food insecure.

The farm is also growing a little guy named Kale who is now almost three!  He is a wonderful farm hand and it is a real gift seeing him grow up here. 

This farmer is proud to be active in the local food security sector in support of small-scale agriculture.  Sarah Elizabeth Smith is currently the co-ordinator for the Fresh Local Food Program, a partnership between the Food Depot Allimentaire and a group of 4 local farms, working together to provide fresh, local produce to food banks and helping kitchens across the province.  She is also a member of the board of directors for the Sackville Farmer's Market and a member of the board of directors for the Garden Cities Project, an initiative that supports and empowers community groups to address food insecurity and develop collective food growing projects in Moncton, NB.